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About PayQuik

PayLink Global (M) Sdn Bhd was setup as PayQuik brand in 2010. We offer innovative and customised e-payment software solutions that work on a variety of payment interfaces such as the PayQuik Kiosks and windows-based applications.

In Malaysia, we aim to be the Corporate Provider for Wireless Transactions, Settlements, Clearing and to be a solution provider for e-payment Conveniences.

Our Value-Added Offering

As an Aggregator, we provide e-payment solutions for a variety of Service Providers such as Utility companies, Telco Operators, Municipalities, Government Agencies and any other Service Provider who needs to have a better reach and accessibility for customers to make payments.

Our forte lies in our ability to bridge the gap between our Service Providers’ existing payment collection network and their customers’ actual needs. Our software solutions are robust, open, scalable, and can be integrated to multiple systems.

The vast payment collection network that PayLink is linked up with provides each of our Service Providers the possibility of “branchless transactions”, thereby saving tremendous costs and enabling them to re-deploy their human resources to more value-added services for customers.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be the Preferred Aggregator for all e-Payment / collection solutions in Malaysia.

Our Mission

  1. The One-Stop Centre offering convenience of hosting several Service Providers (SPs).

  2. Bridging the gap between Service Providers & customers.

  3. Create the largest dealership network in Malaysia.

  4. To be a widely recognized brand.

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